Urban Zulu Creative (UZC) is a Creative Design, Media and Digital Agency operating within South Africa. UZC is a wholly black, youth owned and managed agency with a team comprising of creative designers, PR enthusiasts, web developers, e-marketing, communications and marketing specialists.

Design, Media and Marketing are important elements which companies and brands can utilize to become successes. Hence, it is utterly critical that the right strategy is developed, the perfect design is created and the most effective media avenues are used. UZC is a firm advocate of this position and endeavours only to consistently achieve and uphold such standards.

"Empower the Concept. Enhance the design. Engage the Brand"

We firmly believe in creating solutions that have been meticulously hand crafted for your specific brand, in such a manner that the vision you have are encompassed is enhanced in the final product offering. We develop methodology to look after your brand, to grow your brand and effectively to distinguish our clients from competitors.


A vision envisioned. A Dream to Believe in. Intensified Passion. Conceptually Creative. Unbespoke Dedication. The culmination of disciplined talent and the youthful vigour of emancipated and determined young creatives, we are the Generation of a Dream fulfilled, we are Urban Zulu Creative.


-Essentially the vision is to sit amongst the world's best in the realm of creative design.
-Proactively enhance the mind-set of young South Africans to become owners of their own destinies through the values of Ubuntu.


-Consistently Deliver Creative design, content and strategy
-Dedicated value add that is relevant to our clientele
-Empower youth to invest in their talents
-Excel in our service and execution
-Build a formidable reputation as recognised Conceptual Design Specialists
-Participate and initiate Social Development programs for youth in rural areas

Values of Ubuntu

-Respect every individual
-Value hard work, passion and honesty
-Lead by example through healthy and positive lifestyles

The Urban Zulu Creative Formula:

Brand Captivate = Definitive Energy + Defined Purpose + Creative Execution

To captivate a brand's audience, we believe each solution we develop should be based on Definitive Energy – dedicate sufficient time, research, energy and passion to every single project regardless of its size Defined Purpose – Understand thoroughly the purpose of the project, whom it is for, who their audience is, the current and future trends, values and vision of the client and what we are expected to achieve Creative Execution – The execution of any strategy, design or system is highly critical in achieving the goals our client expects. It brings to life the research, effort and dedication given to each project.


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