Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Digital eStudent Drive

Objective - Teach high school children and unemployed graduates in rural areas basic computer skills that will enable them to be able to access information through an online interface. We have found it disturbing that the youth of many rural areas throughout the country are not computer literate. This puts them at a very big disadvantage after completing their secondary school. It simultaneously means that as young people in urban areas are exposed to crucial information pertaining to life skills, health, education, career, sport, art and other areas of interest the same cannot be said for young people in rural areas.
The initiative entails providing free basic computer lessons to children in rural schools. This would see phase one of the initiative educate and provide basic computer skills to learners in grade 11 and 12.

ANC Doctors Forum – Registrar Mentorship Programme

The ANC Doctors Forum (Gauteng) initiated a programme to try and address the high failure rate of black registrars in the medical fraternity. The programme offers intense mentorship and educational assistance to participants. The programme currently operates from MediClinic Medical Facilities (Medforum and Legae Private Hospitals), Netcare (Akasia) and Charlotte Maxeke (Johannesburg General) Hospital. Our involvement as Urban Zulu Creative is to assist the Programme Director, Professor Luvhengo with the following:
-Coordination of Mentors
-Coordination of Registrars
-Administration and Database management
-Design of Posters

Nelson Mandela Week

For the past two years both the directors and the company have participated in various week and month long activities hosted by corporate and charities throughout the country. One of our biggest highlights was coordinating a visit to the Johannesburg Central Methodist Church where Aegis BPO Pty LTD handed over 6000 hygiene, food and clothing packs to the refugees who find refuge at the church.

Women's Month

2012 saw Urban Zulu Creative support various initiatives and programmes during what is commonly known as Women's Month (August). The purpose of UZC participating in these initiatives was because we felt the values we possess as a company embody the plight of women throughout the country. We feel every effort we make is better than no effort at all. We will continue to support initiatives that we feel are aligned to our values.

UZC Foundation of Dreams

The Urban Zulu Creative Foundation of Dreams is an Initiative that encourages the youth of South Africa to empower themselves through both economical and social innovation. Individuals that have been identified to possess extraordinary passion and commitment towards achieving their dreams are supported both with schooling and social issues. The foundation is currently in talks with various institutions and prominent business people to start a Youth In Entrepeneurship mentorship programme that will see young people being groomed to possess leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities. The foundation will identify individuals from primary and or high school level who are top performers but have very difficult social and economic conditions.

We are always looking for charities, organisations and initiatives in the following fields that we can partner up with, join or support:
-Design, Branding, Advertising & Creativity Forums
-Youth Empowerment & Development
-Youth Entrepreneurial Development
-SME Funding
-Education & Training Related
-Motivational & Public Speaking
-Rural Development Initiatives
-Computer Literacy
-Women, Disabled & Children Empowering
Kindly get in touch with us through our various engagement platforms.



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